Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Bundle of Sticks

An old farmer had three sons who quarreled among themselves from dawn till dusk. One day, the farmer fell gravely ill. Wishing to make peace among his sons before he died, he called them to his bedside and asked them to bring a thick bundle of sticks.
          "Can you break these in two?" asked the farmer, handing the sticks to the oldest son.
          "Of course!" the young man answered scornfully. But even though he tried until he was red in the face, he couldn't break the bundle of sticks.
          "Why, those sticks are no thicker than my finger," mocked the second son.
          "I could break those sticks like straw," boasted the third. And they both tried with all their might, but neither could break the bundle of sticks in two.
          Then the father drew three sticks from the bundle and handed one to each of his sons. "Can you break them now?" he asked. And they did so easily.
          "Let the sticks teach you," said the father to his sons, "how strong you are when you are allied together, and how easily you can be broken on your own."

In unity there is strength

          Those three boys must have argued a lot for them to start boasting and arguing while next to their dying father. The father must have been desperate to appease his boys. But for anyone else out there who has a brother or sister that is completely irritating and you think that they are impossible to live with, don't. First of all, you only get one family, so you might as well love it. Secondly, the moral of this story is true. Together you are stronger than you are alone. Have you ever seen a one man army (Except Chuck Norris)? That was a joke if you didn't get that, because I don't even think Chuck Norris could fight a whole army alone. Or have you seen a football team with only one player? No, you haven't because no one can fight a whole opposing side without help. All the things you see in movies where the good guy foils an evil plan all by himself is cool, but it is totally unrealistic and not possible.

          All those star football quarterbacks out there who think they have it made, that they own everything and can do anything just because they are good at football are the most stuck-up obnoxious jerks around. I'm not saying that all football quarterbacks are like that, but some of them are. And if they are reading this, they should stop and think, what happens if I take away a blocker, or maybe all the blockers from your team. Then what? Those blockers that you think nothing of are the only thing in between you and the other team's linebacker breaking all of your ribs. But the same team without the quarterback is also nothing. You need every part of the team to play. You need all parts of an engine for the car to work. You need a heart and two lungs to live. Every part of a working mechanism is important. Without one, the other will die, fall apart, or fail. Even the sticks in the story share this rule with all of these things. In unity there truly is strength.

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